About TSI

During the National Conference on Telemedicine held in Lucknow in April 2001 the participants resolved to form a scientific society dedicated to Telemedicine awareness at national level and carry out annual scientific event pending a formal registration, thus the Telemedicine Society of India was born and all the participants signed a resolution to this effect and were made the founding members . The first annual conference of the society was held in Lucknow in the subsequent year and all the participants were inducted to the founding member group. In the following two years there were no scientific activity till March 2005 when an International Conference on Telemedicine (INTELMED 2005) was hosted by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) at Bangalore. During this event a general body meeting was held among the founding members present to resolve to form an interim executive body to initially take the responsibility of steering the activities of the society till the formal registration of the society and election of executive is held thereafter. Unanimously the following interim group of executive was formed; Dr S. S. Badrinath, Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya (Founder President), Sri Bhaskaranarayana of ISRO (Vice President), Prof. Saroj Mishra (Secretary) and Prof. K. Ganapathy (Joint Secretary-cum-Treasurer). Members of the executive body was selected from among representative of various Ministries of Government supporting telemedicine activities (Department of Information Technology & Indian Space Research Organization), Defense Services, Academic Organizations playing active role in telemedicine (AIIMS, New Delhi & SGPGI, Lucknow) and Indian office of WHO. The society got formally registered in 2006 at Lucknow having its registered office at Telemedicine Center, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences. Considerable progress has been made over last few years. The society had its First to thirteen Annual conferences at Lucknow(2002), New Delhi (2006), Chennai (2007), Chandigarh (2008), Pune(2009), Bhubaneswar(2010), Mumbai (2011) , Coimbatore(2012), Jaipur(2013), Bhopal (2014), Kolkata (2015), Bengaluru (2016) and Pune(2017) respectively. The Telemedicine Society of India, is now a reality. IsfTeH, the International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health, has now recognized TSI as the official national society representing Telemedicine activities in India.


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