Message from the Desk of President, TSI








Greetings !

I would like to  thank  all the members of the Telemedicine Society of India, for having given me this opportunity of serving  the Society as its President this year. I am really honoured.

United Nations has set up 17 Sustainable development Goals for the countries to be achieved by 2030. Good Health and Well-being is Goal no.3. Well-being and health of citizens should be of primary importance to any country , and the same thing applies to India as well.

India is a Nation of 1.35 Billion people with 70% of the population living in 650,000 villages. With less than 250,000 doctors in the country, it is very difficult to bridge this gap in health services using the traditional methods. The only hope for India and other developing countries with similar challenges is to leverage technology. With the leading professionals as its members, TSI would act as a body of knowledge for the same.

Telemedicine which was initiated in the country about two decades back has seen an  exponential growth . ISRO has been a pioneer in this domain in India, having played a vital role in providing free satellite bandwidth to active users, and also in developing awareness about this new technology. In the recent times, while the Satellite based use has come down, there has been a significant increase in the terrestrial based network for e-Health. The App based e-Health services are undergoing a vertical rise, making the operations simpler and more user friendly.

Ayushman Bharat is a flagship program of  Government of India, besides National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), attempting to improve delivery of services in public-health and preventive interventions including in the Rural India, led by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Success of these programs depend upon leveraging technology to bridge this huge gap in the health care services infrastructure. e-Health is the only way forward, for ensuring effective delivery, and at the same time ensuring that the taxpayer’s money spent on the health services is properly utilized. TSI would strive to ensure success of these schemes.

It is the duty of every society to take care of all citizens, including those with special needs. For this purpose, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D Printing etc. can be used in a big way. While a lot of efforts are being made by corporates like Microsoft and others at the international level, making these technologies affordable and accessible to those in need in India, is of great importance. TSI would make efforts at becoming an enabler in the process.

Research and Development is an essential ingredient for advancement in technologies, and consequently their application to various domains like health services. Through collaborative research between Centres of Excellence in the country and abroad, and the various health centres, TSI shall play the role of a catalyst.

Preventive health care plays a very significant role, particularly in the developing nations to reduce pressure on the overburdened healthcare infrastructure. Technology plays a significant role in this, especially in modern times of extensive smart phones proliferation. Newer Apps in this domain would contribute immensely in this direction.

It has been quite encouraging to see that professionals involved in alternative systems of medicine are also showing interest in Telemedicine, and the use of technology in health services. We would try to encourage them as a part of this ecosystem in order to serve the unserved people in the country.

Acceptability of Telemedicine amongst the doctors and patients has also increased significantly in the recent times. However, some legal challenges recently have dampened the spirits of some of the practitioners. We, as a society would endeavour to take up the issue with the concerned authorities, so that a proper legal framework, with the interests of all the stakeholders 

I would like to thank Mr. A.K. Sangal, Past President of TSI, and also acknowledge his efforts for working  tirelessly in making  TSI more organised during his tenure. I would also like to thank all other Past Presidents, Executive Committee members, the office bearers & members of TSI, who have put in a lot of efforts in  popularizing e-Health on various platforms, both in India and abroad.

Our fraternity is growing at a significant pace. This encourages us to take bigger strides in strengthening e-Health further . I look forward to valuable contributions from all the stakeholders in meeting the objectives of the TSI, and taking it to the next level.