The 1st Annual Conference of The Telemedicine Society of India, Odisha Chapter (Oditelecon 2012) was held on 13th & 14th April 2012 at Institute of Technical Education & Research (ITER), Bhubaneswar. The conference was organized by the Telemedicine Society of India, Odisha Chapter jointly with Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar. The theme of the conference was “Shaping the Telemedicine Platform to meet the Community Need”.    

A Telemedicine Workshop was organized on 13th April 2012 for demonstration of updated versions of telemedicine hardware, software and communication platforms. There were four work stations in a conference hall. One workstation was equipped with the facility for demonstration of hardware, second for demonstration of software, third for discussion on communication platforms and fourth for discussion on standardization & other operational issues. Each work station was managed by one medical expert, one technical expert and a representative from industry. Delegates including students & beginners in batches of 30 moved from one workstation to the other every 30minutes.

On 14th April, the day-long scientific activity included guest lectures, reports relating to application of telemedicine technology, theme symposium and panel discussion on “Taking Telemedicine to common man - Role of  Govt. institution, Private organization, Industry, Medical Professional & Electronic Media .

216 delegates participated in the conference. There were 42 speakers including 14 from outside the state of Odisha. Govt. of Odisha deputed the telemedicine nodal officers and telemedicine technicians of all telemedicine nodes to participate in the conference. Representatives from 17 different health institutions and Engineering colleges attended the conference. 

Telemedicine Society of India extended necessary support for organizing the event. The president of TSI Mr.B.S.Bedi, Immediate Past-President Dr.K.Ganapathy, President-elect Prof.S.K.Mishra, Vice-president Mr.L.S.Satyamurthy along with other executive members attended the conference. The conference was inaugurated by former chief justice of India Justice G.B.Patnaik on 13th evening. He stressed the need for widespread use of the technology for benefit of common man.Oditelecon 2012 proposed the following recommendations:

  1. Creating facility in the telemedicine centers for use of the technology in emergency situations.

  2. The industries involved in marketing of Telemedicine products should consider a special discount on equipment cost for deserving institutions as a mark of corporate social responsibility.

  3. Members of Telemedicine Society of India should take help of electronic and print media for wider dissemination of information amongst people regarding benefits of Telemedicine

  4. All attempts are to be made for expanding outreach of Telemedicine Technology   by joint effort of Govt. organizations and private institutions.