ABOUT Telemedicine Society of India

Leverage the affordance of AI-driven, state-of-the-art IOT and Cyber Physical Systems to create and deliver anytime, anywhere healthcare services that are accessible, affordable, citizen-centric, safe, secure, sustainable, timely, and cover the full spectrum of preventive, promotive, curative, emergency, ICU, palliative and rehabilitation services of allopathic and AYUSH doctors, to satisfy the unmet current and emerging needs of all healthcare stakeholders in the government, private sector, civil society.

Make Tele-Health the New Normal for affordable access to best-in-class universal healthcare in a connected and comprehensive healthcare ecosystem linking even the most remote rural populations to District, State, National and International Centres of Healthcare Excellence.

During the National Conference on Telemedicine held in Lucknow in April 2001 the participants resolved to form a scientific society dedicated to Telemedicine awareness at national level and carry out annual scientific event pending a formal registration, thus the Telemedicine Society of India was born and all the participants signed a resolution to this effect and were made the founding members . The first annual conference of the society was held in Lucknow in the subsequent year and all the participants were inducted to the founding member group. In the following two years there were no scientific activity till March 2005 when an International Conference on Telemedicine (INTELMED 2005) was hosted by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) at Bangalore.