Message from the Desk of President, TSI


It is indeed and honour bestowed upon me by the honoured who have given me the member of TSI to give me an opportunity to serve as the President of TSI this year. We will work unitedly and tirelessly for the betterment of Telemedicine Society of India (TSI) in the future.
Recent times have seen tremendously increase in disruptive technologies to and the healthcare of this country. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D Printing have made their works. Several centers of excellence for AI have been created by the Govt. of India especially following the COVID pandemic and introduce of Ayushman Bharat as its flagship programme. TSI would make efforts at becoming an enabler in this process by becoming a partner will the Government as well as taking help from the corporates.
The Telemedicine Society of India has been hosting international meetings in different regions of the country since its inception. The goal of these meetings have been to explore current trends in technology advancement, sharing knowledge with colleagues across the globe,hand-holding practices for the beginners and promotion of industry-user partnership for this purpose we need to increase our membership and expand geographically.
Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is leaving hand to make EHR mandatory for every citizen and every patient duty of EHRs by creating ABHA IDs. TSI should honour and important state holder in this digital resolution. Creation of hubs and spoke models by accreditation software’s and e-Hospital system need to be promoted for life complications.
 Telemedicine Society of India has its members should super specialists in the field of medicine, engineering and entrepreneurship. We must create super specialty networks using all their resources to promote communication in their fields. Digital and online education would become an important plank in India during COVID times must be promoted internationally.   

As is said life is short – Art is long.