New Telemedicine Regulations by Govt of India – May 2020

On 12th May 2020, the Board of Governors, Medical Council of India with the previous sanction of the Central Government of India, passed new regulations called “Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020”
These regulations include both the overarching principles and a practical framework.
While the overarching principles would be common to all future guidelines, the latter specifically tries to address the current need in the wake of COVID19 outbreak.

Telemedicine Guidelines for Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani Practitioners

On 7th April 2020, CCIM released “Telemedicine Practice Guidelines” for ASU practitioners.
These guidelines will serve as a step forward to regulate the telemedicine practices in the field of ASU.

Homeopathy Telemedicine Practice Guidelines by CCH

The Board of Governors, CCH has adopted the “Telemedicine Practice Guidelines” for homoeopathic practioners.
These guidelines has been prepared to combat the current need in the wake of COVID19 outbreak but the overarching principles would remain common to all future reference.

How to Record e-consent

A. Verbally informing the rights and duties to the patient – like in any Bank or credit card call centre with recording of the transaction.

  • B. (SMS or Email or Video) with a mandatory need to reply e.g. “Yes, I consent to avail consultation via telemedicine”
  • C. Interactive Consent Form by mail or web link which the patient resubmits back after filling and checking clicks at appropriate places

e Prescription Requirements

Basic Phone: (low bandwidth)
    • Dictate directly to the patient or a chemist the detailed drug information, check understanding by asking the patient or pharmacist to repeat; or
    • Send e-prescription by SMS, WhatsApp or email etc, to pharmacy

Smart Phone without App: 
  • Take a photograph of prescription on your letterhead, in prescribed e-format, sign it

Send prescription by WhatsApp or email  to patient
or a Dedicated health App to pharmacy

    Through Apps (Mobile or Computer)
    • Allows same format template of prescription
    • Send via prescription app or print prescription ( also direct viewing in patients or chemists mobile) and can includes a signature.
    • In apps prescription format for doctors is inbuilt
  • Social Media (WhatsApp, Skype, TikTok, Google Hangout, etc)
  • Synchronous as well as asynchronous
      • Possibility of one to one or one to many connections
      • Good for providing general information and counselling
      • To advertise your skills
        • Make sure not to break MCI Ethics code!
  • Online meetings (Skype, Webex, Citrix, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc)
    • Can double up as health app but
      • No links with EHR /No online prescriptions!
      • Data often resides outside India
      • Safer paid platforms are expensive

TSI Research Grant Award

The TSI research grant award will be given annually by the Telemedicine Society of India during the annual conference to a member of TSI on the basis of recommendations made by a selection committee appointed for the purpose.