SoftLink International is a technologically acclaimed company based in India and USA with global presence. Founded in 1997, Softlink enjoys technology partnerships with leading companies in healthcare and IT. In more than a decade of Product innovation and R&D, it has garnered a customer base of over 350 healthcare institutions in 15 countries! SoftLink focuses on three key areas of healthcare automation namely Cardiology, Radiology and Hospital Information Management by providing software products and turnkey solutions.
SoftLink has following Healthcare IT solutions:

  • PANACEA: The PANACEA system is a fully integrated, single-solution hospital information management system. As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built exclusively for hospitals and based on a multi-tiered network design concept. 
  • IMAGINE RIS is one of the most comprehensive RIS packages available in the market today. It offers Scheduling, Registration, Technologist, Radiologist and Transcription workflows besides billing, custom reporting.
  • HCP DICOM Net is a cloud enabled, scalable enterprise PACS that provides seamless connectivity with Imaging Modalities and Information Systems within and across hospital networks. It offers advanced medical image visualization through a variety of viewers that empowers users to access images from anywhere with ease and reliability while maintaining the requisite security.
  • Heart Care Plus R6: (HCP) software is tailor-made to carry out the reporting of Cath procedures.  HCP is Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS), the focus is on generating reports quickly and efficiently and not to collect huge amount of data.
  • ACC NCDR Registries: SoftLink supports some of the major national registry participation, including ACC/NCDR® in USA and PTCA registry in India and meet the specifications for submitting data as per prescribed format.
  • SoftLink Telehealth: is a revolutionary platform that can work in tandem with Panacea HIMS, Imagine RIS-PACS or as an independent Telehealth Solution. It enables consultation between patient and primary care physician or a specialist without a physical meeting.

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