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Abstracts Submission

Call for Abstracts for Podium / Poster Presentations Deadline 5th December 2020

TELEMEDICON 2020 is a virtual conference and the 16th International Conference of The Telemedicine Society of India from 18th Dec to 20th Dec 2020.

This is the first International level Tele-Health conference after the notification of ‘Telemedicine Practice Guidelines’ by the Govt. of India in this ongoing COVID pandemic.

TELEMEDICON 2020 will connect healthcare professionals, online pharmacy chains, policy makers, industrialists, health insurance providers, students, and various stakeholders from the field of Telemedicine and Health Informatics, over one common platform and bring to the fore the pain points, as well as the possible solutions, that could resolve existing issues.

We invite you to submit your abstract for presentation during the meeting. This three day virtual technical feast is expected to attract over 1,500 participants from India and abroad.You may share your experience, research involving clinical telemedicine services through a short abstract related to one or more of the following conference topics:

Choose the category -

  • Telemedicine - Legal, Ethical and regulatory issues
  • Telehealth Technology – Hardware or Software related issues
  • Operational issues of telehealth
  • Tele-consultations
  • Tele-education
  • Tele-Speciality –like tele-cadiology, tele-dermatology,tele-radiology
  • Tele- Remote Monitoring – Home health and ICU
  • Mobile health
  • Wearable Devices
  • Insurance Related
  • Tele-health during COVID
  • AI &Blockchain related to health
  • 5G and Telehealth
  • Rural Tele-healthcare
  • Military & Telehealth
  • Health Apps
  • Health sites
  • Health Tech Start-ups

Accepted abstracts will be available on www.tsi.org.in for future reference

  1. To have the abstract accepted the authors will need to register with the meeting first.
  2. Non-members are welcome to submit abstracts however first priority would be given to members of TSI for free paper presentation.To become a member of TSI (if you do not have membership – please apply online at https://tsi.org.in/join/ and mention applied and enclose payment receipt while submitting the abstract)
  3. Presenters will be notified of the acceptance by 7th of Dec 2020
  4. Presentation should not be commercial in nature and promote a company, product or service
  5. Please note that the scientific committee will decide regarding acceptance, the mode of presentation, the time of presentation.
  6. You will have 5 minutes for presentation and one minute to answer a maximum of 2 questions.
  7. Please submit abstract by email to telemedicon2020@gmail.com

Abstract Format

  1. (Total words- maximum of 500)
  2. Name of all authors and affiliations
  3. Name of Hospital or institution or company
  4. Mobile number and email address

Divide the abstract broadly into

  • Category – (See Above)
  • Title
  • Authors Names and affiliations
  • Conflict of Interest if Any –
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Include the following – I provide permission to Telemedicine Society of India to republish this abstract on their website or as a hard copy.

Please submit abstract by email to telemedicon2020@gmail.com

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