Make Quality Healthcare Affordable and
Accessible for everyone

Telemedicine in times of Covid-19

India is about to embark on major challenge of bracing up Healthcare Professionals for COVID19 and TSI, as a scientific body has taken the charge of training 5 Lakh doctors in India.

Reaching Remote Areas

Distance is no longer a barrier to healthcare access. Technology, Education, Research & Innovation made Telemedicine an undeniable reality extending it to the unreachable.

Home Health

TSI aims to take healthcare access to the threshold of every family. From oldest to the youngest patients, general & specialist care bundled with follow-up is just a phone call away, sitting at your home.

Tele ICU

Together with less number of specialists who can work in Indian ICUs, the availability is abnorally skewed with most of them in metros. Tele ICU system can prove a boon to underserved areas making these specialists availability to every corner of the country.

Save Lives

In this era of technological advancement, millions of population is still medically underserved. A timely advice can save numerous lives. Telemedicine can save a whopping $4 billion to $5 billion every year according to McKinsey report.

Ready to Make a Change?

Let’s come together to take Indian Telemedicine to its next level where everyone in the country can access Excellent healthcare services from anywhere, anytime.

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